Making-up for summer

You wake up in the morning bleary eyed, blotchy skinned and looking less than radiant. But within minutes you are transformed into a ravishing beauty (well, we can always hope! ).

What is the secret of this transformation? Make-up. Beauty in a jar, tube or elegant applicator. Maybe all that is required is a slick of lipstick, a touch of foundation, or a lash building mascara to breathe back life into jaded skin. Or, like most of us, you may require a little more cosmetic assistance to accentuate your good points and play down your imperfections.

Here are some tips to help point you in the right direction:-

1. Experiment with different foundation colours. You can mix two together to get the perfect shade. When applying it begin at the forehead and use a tapping motion. This will prevent you getting the product into your hairline. Work the foundation in with your fingertips, moving from the forehead down and across the centre of the face and around its bone profile. Make sure every area is covered. Paint it over your lips also because this will outline their natural shape.

2. Go easy on powder if you have fine lines on your face because it can settle into these tiny creases.

3. If you have mature skin avoid using a matte foundation because it can make your skin appear dull and lifeless. Moisturising formulas which give your skin a dewy sheen are a better option.

4. Use a tinted moisturiser or coloured gel instead of foundation during the summer. It looks lighter.

5. Concealer is an important beauty aid. It can be used under or over foundation to lift shadows, disguise blemishes and soften fine lines. It can also be applied under the eyes to camouflage dark shadows and worked out on to the cheekbones. Opt for a creamy one which will glide on effortlessly. If you tend to have high colouring this will do the trick. Using a sponge will help you deliver a fine application.

6. Eyeshadow should enhance the colour and shape of your eyes, not your clothes. Choose warm or cool shades that complement your skin-tone. Pale colours make ideal highlighters and will open up an area while darker shades contour the eyes and intensify their shape.

7. When choosing mascara softer colours look best with blonde hair and fair skin. Darker, bolder colours tend to complement brunettes with sallow skin. Apply it to the bottom lashes first combing through from root to tip.

8. Lipstick adds colour to your face and should enhance your natural skin tones. Use a lip brush to create a professional finish. A narrow brush will give you a good shape. Do not apply too much colour.

9. Reassess your make-up if you change your hairstyle or colour.

10. Keep abreast of the latest cosmetic trends by reading fashion updates and looking at what is available in your local pharmacy, department store or online.

11. If you are keen to change your image or update your look read beauty magazines or enlist the help of glamorous friends who may have some bright ideas. Make-up advisers at the various cosmetic counters usually have a wealth of advice and good tips which they will be glad to share with you.

12. Get plenty of beauty sleep. It is free and will make a tremendous difference both to how you look and feel. It allows your body to recharge your batteries and heal itself from the day’s damage. One of the easiest ways to improve the way your skin looks is to get enough shut eye. When you are well rested your complexion appears glowing and rejuvenated.

13. The look for summer make-up is simple, natural and pure. It reflects the fresh attitude to colour that prevails these days - the whites, lilacs, limes and sunny pinks.

14. While the correct make-up will make a major difference to your skin it cannot work miracles, especially on its own. You need to practise some preventive medicine so if you have a few vices consider reducing those, for instance, by giving up smoking, drinking less alcohol, cutting down on sugary foods and avoiding eye and back strain. All these miseries tell on your face.

15. An illuminator adds radiance and highlights the cheekbones as well as evening out imperfections in colour, texture and tone. It is especially effective around the eyes where its light reflective pigments help to lift shadows and minimise the appearance of fine lines.

16. Use a kohl pencil to create smouldering eyes. Apply it along the lash line and blend it to achieve a softer look. Applying eyeliner close to the roots of the eyelashes makes them look thicker and more defined. Using soft feathery strokes to apply the colour will allow you to build it gradually until the desired depth is achieved.

17. To prevent lip colour bleeding use a lip pencil. It also gives a precise, finished look to the lips. Applying lip colour with an applicator or brush gives a longer lasting finish.

18. Lip glosses are ideal for evening or party wear or as a natural look for women who shy away from lipstick. Of course, a little gloss can change the interpretation of a lipstick, also.

19. Blusher adds instant colour and radiance and brings balance to lip and eye make-up. Apply it under the cheekbones to give more shape to the face and make the cheekbones look higher and more prominent. To make the face look rounder apply it to the apples of the cheeks. Avoid putting blusher on in stripes as it can give the face a gaunt appearance. A subtle peach or dusky pink cream blusher will give you a warm, healthy glow.

20. You may have the best quality cosmetics available but never underestimate the importance of having good skin. Be sure to cleanse, tone and moisturise daily. A creamy cleanser is ideal for dehydrated skin which bears the hallmarks of too much partying or the ravages of winter. Put some of the product on a cotton pad and apply it gently to your face. Avoid dragging the skin. Use a light moisturiser and apply it sparingly. Work from the centre of the forehead, blending it in well and down the central panel of the face.

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