Community-based approach vital to tackle drugs ‘epidemic’ in city says Ó Conchúir as fears are expressed over ‘Blue Ghost’

Drug use in the city has reached “epidemic proportions”, particularly through the increased use and availability of Blue Ghost, a kind of ecstasy.

The situation has led to a local election candidate calling for a new strategic and community-based approach to the issue, which will also involve parents.

Sinn Féin Galway City West candidate Cathal Ó Conchúir, has called for a renewed approach to the drugs problem in Galway, particularly in regards to the use of Blue Ghost, a synthetic drug which has psychoactive properties as well as being a stimulant.

“Many young people feel this is a harmless drug but parents need to be aware of its availability in Galway,” he said. “We can only tackle the problem by acknowledging the scale of the problem; it is of epidemic proportions.”

Mr Ó Conchúir said communities and their representatives must be involved “in the fight against drugs”, as well as Government departments, including community, health, education, and justice organisations.

“The gravity of the drugs problem engulfing communities throughout Galway has to be addressed in a more coherent, strategic, and planned manner,” he said. “Parents of young people should be made aware of the easy availability of ecstasy in the city at the moment.

“We must have a systematic and strategic approach so we can all become more aware and educated as community leaders to the potential consequences and dangers of using hard drugs.”



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