Students concerned by anti-gay marriage posters

A poster equating gay marriage with incest and paedophilia has appeared on campus at NUI Galway, causing outrage among many students, leading to angry confrontations on campus last evening.

Gardai were called after students protested about the use of the posters, leading to a standoff with members of the Christian Union.

NUIG students will today hold a referendum proposing to mandate the Students Union to support marriage equality in Ireland. However a conservative Christian student group is believed to be behind a poster, calling for a No vote, which suggests permitting gay marriage will redefine its meaning and lead to polygamy and polyandry (where women can have more than one husband ).

To support its claim, the poster refers to efforts by the North American Man/Boy Love Association to lobby for “marriage status for paedophilic men-boy relationships. Marriage status is also being sought for polygamy and polyandry”.

The poster also states that “marriage is not about equal rights”, and argues that “there is no right to marry a sibling or young child”.



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