Cameron condemns McDonagh’s call to revive Rag Week

Calls to reinstate Rag Week by Supermac’s founder Pat McDonagh, show a “lack research as to the health and social consequences” of the controversial event.

This is according to Labour Galway City Central councillor Billy Cameron, who said the recent unofficial Rag Week and ‘Donegal Tuesday’ events “went down like a lead balloon” in Newcastle and that various residents ‘associations in the area have been “angered and dismayed” by Mr McDonagh’s comments.

“While I respect Pat McDonagh for his undoubted business acumen and sponsorship of Galway GAA, I have to say that he is totally un-informed regarding the effects Rag Week on residents from Woodquay to Dangan,” said Cllr Cameron. “His comments fly in the face of NUIG policy, Student Union policy, and the opinions of different Community Gardaí down through the years.”

Cllr Cameron said that up to 2011 and the banning of Rag Week, the Newcastle area “suffered the brunt of late night anti-social behaviour, high jinx, and horseplay”.

While acknowledging that this year was “a relatively quiet week in contrast to former years” it was not “blemish free”.

Cllr Cameron is also demanding to know who is behind the on-line promotion of Rag Week? “Is it students or business people?” he asked. “The public deserve to know who is really ruining their nights’ sleep and quality of life.”



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