Why you can't lose weight — what foods are making you fat?

The IgG weight loss system is a revolutionary way to lose weight using blood analysis. Did you know that despite all your efforts to work out and lose weight, if you are eating foods you are allergic or intolerant to it can make you fat? When an intolerance has developed, for example to wheat, the body will hold onto fluids to protect any potentially vulnerable areas, such as the intestinal tract. This water retention causes puffiness and weight gain.

If someone is intolerant to wheat, eating a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast in the morning, a sandwich for lunch, and a mid afternoon biscuit, and a pasta dish in the evening will almost guarantee weight gain, because more than 50 per cent of the day's food has contained wheat, causing fat storage.

Food intolerances have the effect of reducing your metabolism and slowing the body down. The Liosbaun Clinic has found that by cutting out foods they are intolerant to, clients have experienced increased energy levels, decreased tissue puffiness, and a reduction in weight. This new weight loss programme includes a full intolerance test for 150 foods, using blood analysis and testing the IgG antibodies in the blood. It also includes six fortnightly weigh-ins, menu planning, online support through a private site, recipes, support, and motivation from nutritionist Yvonne O' Shaughnessy.

If you suspect you are intolerant to a food call The Liosbaun Clinic to discuss this plan. There is a 100 per cent money back guarantee if you do not lose weight.

Call The Liosbaun clinic on 087 0573098 or visit www.facebook.com/therawfoodcoach to see reviews of this programme.



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