Public meeting on housing and shelter

Galwegians struggling to pay the mortgage holders, who are on the housing waiting list, or at risk of homelessness, are being invited to a public meeting in the city this coming Monday.

A ‘Community Meeting on Housing and Shelter’, organised by the People Before Profit Alliance, takes place at 7.30pm in the Menlo Park Hotel. It will be addressed by the PBPA’s Galway City Central candidate Kiran Emrich.

“There is also a serious housing and shelter problem in Galway city which must be recognised and addressed,” said Mr Emrich. “One of the basic functions of both local authorities and national governments is the provision of housing and shelter for people.”

Mr Emrich said he wants to hear people’s concerns on issues and will also outline the PBPA proposals regarding housing.

“The Government want us to believe there is nothing we can do but accept the current situation, but PBPA want to propose an alternative,” says Mr Emrich. “We don’t indulge in ‘We can do this for you’ promises. We need stimulus to the economy, proper jobs, funded public services, and adequate benefits, but along with voicing this in the council chamber and the Dáil we need ‘people power’ to force that change. We need to do this together.”


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