Get slim and win with Arrabawn Skim Plus milk

Arrabawn Dairies has just launched its Get Slim with Arrabawn Skim Campaign, offering customers the chance to win six month’s free membership to a gym of their choice, plus nutritional advice and personal training sessions. This prize will be given out every week for four weeks and can be entered via the Facebook page and website There will also be lots of other prizes including pink Atak compression wear – perfect to wear when getting fit for summer.

Arrabawn Skim Plus Milk is fortified with vitamins C, D and E, iron, folic acid, calcium, vitamin B12, and vitamin B2, making it the perfect option if you are watching your calories, or just want to choose the healthier option. As part of this campaign, Arrabawn is encouraging people to get slim and lead a healthier lifestyle in general, this includes teaming up with nutritionist Tara Canning and celebrity ambassador Karen Koster who will submit nutritional advice, motivational tips and healthy recipes each week. Arrabawn hope to establish their Facebook page as a ‘go-to’ for tips, positioning them as leaders within the industry.

Cormac Sinnott, Commercial manager for Arrabawn Dairies said, “Arrabawn Skim Plus Fat Free Milk is fortified with vitamins, making it an ideal option for people striving to make better food choices. The Skim Plus Milk is a natural fit for those looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.”

To find out more information on the skim plus milk, or to enter into the competition to win branded gym gear or six months free membership, visit or


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