Experience the benefits of nutritional therapy and iridology

Denise Coyle comes to the Elmtree Clinic in Oranmore with full qualifications in both nutritional therapy and iridology. As a nutritional therapist first and foremost, she works with clients to create diet, supplement, and lifestyle plans to suit individual needs and goals. Nutritional therapy can assist in easing and regulating a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. Nutritional therapy can also help with needs such as weight loss, increasing energy levels, general wellbeing, and improved health outcomes.

Iridology is the study of health via examination of the iris, sclera (whites ), and pupils of the eyes. Using a specially adapted camera, Denise Coyle photographs the eyes for detailed exploration. Because every body organ and system has a corresponding area in the eye, iridology is an incredibly useful tool for pinpointing what areas may need nurturing and where inherent strengths lie.

Denise Coyle is now available for appointments weekday mornings at the Elmtree Clinic in Oranmore. Founded in 2007 by Ian Claxton, the mission of the clinic is to give you all the help for you to meet your healthcare needs. The clinic offers a warm, caring, and confidential space where you can reach out for support. To book an appointment or to find out more about nutritional therapy or iridology, contact Denise Coyle on 085 1604925.


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