Portraits of Galway’s characters

BUSKERS, STREET performers, local characters, and men in hats are the images which dominate a new exhibition, currently on show in the Galway City Museum.

Galway City - ‘A Character Study’ is a series of chalk pastel portraits by Mark D Smith which is currently on show in the museum. Among those featured are busker James Gallagher; Bam, a Jamaican who divides his time painting landscapes and playing the bongos in Shop Street; New Yorker Danny Rosen who sells doughnuts at The Galway Market; and James Leopold Mechels and his magnificent Irish wolfhound ‘Biggy’.

“These are people we all know well,” says Mark. “We interact with them on a regular basis. They enliven the streets of Galway with their individual characters, their performances/style of dress and huge personalities.”


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