Thereisbear! present Terminus

THEREISBEAR! Theatre Company are coming to the Town Hall studio with their staging of Mark O’Rowe’s gripping play, Terminus.

The play follows three souls over the course of a single night in Dublin as their lives collide and intertwine in a gritty, dark, dangerous, and unsettling comedy-drama.

The production has already enjoyed a successful run in Dublin at Smock Alley Theatre. “It was amazing,” director Emmet Byrne tells me. “We put it on for three days in the first week of January and initially we were terrified no-one would come but every night was packed. We were blown away by the response it got.”

Comprising monologues written in rhyme, Terminus is a challenging piece for its performers, how did Byrne find directing the work?

“That was all down to the casting, I looked for actors who would have a handle on that,” he says. “It is tricky but some people can just click with it. It is such an actor’s showcase as well and, as difficult and dense as it can be, when an actor clicks with it, it just seems to release them. That’s a testament to the strength of the writing. So I think half my work was done in picking the play and casting it right. I was lucky with the actors I got.”

The play’s three characters are referred to only as A, B and C. A, a woman in her forties, is played by Deborah Wiseman; B, a woman in her twenties, is played by Fiona McGarry and C, a man in his thirties, is played by Steven 'Jed' Murray.

Terminus is at the Town Hall studio from Wednesday February 26 to Saturday March 1 at 8.30pm. Tickets are available from the Town Hall on 091 - 569777 and


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