Business owners who have taken part in ManagementWorks programmes are already noticing the difference

ManagementWorks, an initiative by the state agency Skillnets, provides a range of subsidised training programmes to SMEs under the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs. Over 700 business people are currently participating on ManagmentWorks Programmes across the country and are already seeing the concrete impact it is having on company performance.

ManagementWorks will be bringing their high impact Business Growth programme back to the Galway area in March 2014 along with their new building Financial Capability programme.

The new programme will be delivered by training and financial professionals experienced in working with SME owners. It will be delivered in every county across the country in 2014. This new programme is heavily subsidised by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and is a new state support for business in 2014.

Participants that have completed the Business Growth programme have achieved fantastic results so far in their business:

In addition to the tangible results in terms of sales and creation of jobs, participants also benefit from networking with other local companies and have described how the interaction with their mentor has helped build confidence in their business.

Dr. Lorcán Ó hÓbáin, Programme Manager of ManagementWorks, commented that “these programmes are heavily funded under the Action Plan for Jobs, so it is fantastic to see the results in terms of strengthening these businesses. All programmes are designed to provide the owner manager with the tools and capabilities to drive the business forward. The results are clear with hundreds of new jobs created across the country through this programme to date.

A schedule of programmes for 2014 is available on where people interested can also find and book their local programme.

ManagementWorks is an initiative of Skillnets Ltd. under the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs.

ManagementWorks has a range of training and development programmes available to help firms with less than 250 employees to improve their performance through seeking to build their managerial capability. Programmes are offered nationwide and seek to encourage the managers of SMEs to engage in the development of their own managerial capability and the capability of the management team. A key element of the initiative is the use of mentors to assist in the application of the learning to the context of each business and to maximise the business impact of the programmes. For further information please visit: Established in 1999, Skillnets has a unique ethos and approach to the delivery of enterprise-led training and up-skilling programmes for industry. The Training Networks Programme (TNP ) funds demand-led training through a network model, where companies from networks representing specific industry sectors or geographical regions co-operate to deliver training programmes specifically designed and adapted to current market requirements.

Skillnets has facilitated almost 70,000 Irish enterprises, in over 400 networks to improve the range, scope and quality of training and allowed over 300,000 employees to up-skill and meet their work

Since 2010, Skillnets networks have also been providing training to jobseekers through the Training Networks Programme (TNP ) and the Job-seekers Support Programme (JSSP ). Skillnets is funded from the National Training Fund (NTF ) through the Department of Education and Skills (DES ).

For further information please visit:


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