Restore weekly Woodquay market, says Crowe

If towns like Westport, Athy, and Kinsale can sustain a weekly market, than Galway should have no problem in having two - one at St Nicholas’ and the other in Woodquay.

This is the view of Fianna Fáil Galway City Central councillor Ollie Crowe, who has called for the return of a weekly market to Woodquay, following trial runs on a number of weekends last year.

According to Cllr Crowe, Westport, Athy, and Kinsale, with populations of less than 10,000 can sustain a weekly market, there is “no reason a city the size of Galway” cannot sustain two.

Cllr Crowe’s comments follow a report by the City and County Enterprise Board on the market, 86 per cent of respondents were “very interested” in a new weekly market; and that of that 86 per cent, 81 per cent said they would be capable of producing food for it. The report also outlined that St Nicholas’ market traders, despite some concerns, were supportive of a market for Woodquay, feeling it “would generally be good for Galway”.

Woodquay makes sense to hold a market given its location, Cllr Crowe argued.

“It’s a great area for a market with parking available nearby, considerable footfall and the scenery of Lough Corrib,” he said. “Its revival can be a huge boost to the local economy, bringing large numbers of additional visitors to the town who benefit both the market stalls and city businesses.”

However, he said for this to happen, it is vital the Galway City Council supports any such venture. Cllr Crowe said he “would be doing all he can” to help, and that he would raise the issue at the next enterprise board meeting.


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