Croi urge people to adopt holistic approach to losing weight

Dietitians from the heart and stroke charity Croí have advised people keen to lose weight after the festive season that weight management is not about “good” or “bad” foods; celebrity or crash diets; or sudden and unsustainable weight loss.

Claire Kerins and Katie Cunningham are urging people instead to adopt a holistic approach, focusing on their overall lifestyle and how it is impacting on their weight.

Their comments came as the local organisation launched details of its next series of six week (one hour per week ) weight management programmes which will take place in the city and at select venues throughout the west.

They explain that the initiative addresses issues as varied as the quality and quantity of sleep, hydration, physical activity and exercise, etc.

“As well as dietary advice for weight management we provide expert advice on diet and lifestyle to help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure levels and to reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes,” say the two dietitians who have developed and deliver this unique programme.

The Croí weight management programme is one of many innovative preventive health projects which have been developed by the award winning heart health team based at the new Croí heart and stroke centre in the city.

The charity says its current course is unique in that it is delivered by dietitians who work daily with people who struggle with weight management issues which put them at risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

“Our dietitian-led weight management programmes are very different from other popular, commercial and well promoted programmes. The Croí programme has been developed from years of working with people who struggle with their weight and people who have to lose weight due to its impact on their heart attack, stroke and diabetes risk.

“It is based on best practice in dietary advice and provides participants with expert guidance on all aspects of healthy eating, exploring issues such as your relationship with food; making healthy choices when shopping; understanding food labels and controlling portion sizes. Each participant is encouraged to keep a food diary and participate in weekly weigh-ins where they receive on-going advice and motivation.”

To date the programme has achieved successful results with participants shedding on average more than nine pounds over a six week period. Weight loss on the Croí programme is managed so that it adheres to the recommended weight loss guidelines of one to two pounds per week. Sustainable weight loss is the key to long term weight management, stresses the charity.

Its next six week weight management course will begin at the Croí Heart and Stroke Centre, Moyola Lane, Newcastle today (Thursday ) January 23 from 3pm to 4pm.

Croí in association with Galway Rural Development and Teagasc will hold a six week weight management course at the Liam Mellows Campus, Teagasc, Athenry beginning on Wednesday January 29 from 10am to11am.

As places are limited on each course pre-booking is essential. Bookings can be made by calling Croí at (091 ) 893500 or online at


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