Hoarding at Crown Control site to be replaced

he “dilapidated hoarding” surrounding The Crown Square Plaza is to be replaced by a new fence, but a local councillor is still concerned about “unauthorised access”.

Independent city councillor Terry O’Flaherty has welcomed confirmation by the receivers with the responsibility for the Crown Square Plaza that a contract has been awarded for the replacement of the perimeter fencing. The material has been ordered, and once delivered, a complete new fence will be erected.

The plaza was formerly the old Crown Control site and is situated between the Monivea Road and Joyce Road, Mervue, on one of the main approach roads to the city.

“The condition of the current hoarding has not only become an eyesore and given that the site is not fully secured and can be easily accessed, it could pose a potential danger,” said Cllr O’Flaherty.

She added that as the site is “unsecured and dangerous at present”, it is “imperative” that unauthorised access be prevented.

Cllr O’Flaherty said an “unfinished development” surrounded by “dilapidated hoarding” presents “a very bad image of Galway to tourists and potential investors”.

“The type of hoarding on this site, chipboard, is normally used only for sites during the construction period and it is not meant for long-term use. It has been deteriorating for some time and the recent storms have caused a lot of the hoarding to fall down or disintegrate.”



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