Beyond Therapy with Orion’s Belt

KINVARA’S ORION’S Belt Theatre Company visit the Town Hall Theatre studio next week with Christopher Durang’s terrific madcap comedy, Beyond Therapy.

Beyond Therapy is a fast-paced, deliriously funny play revolving around the worlds of dating, romance and psychoanalysis. It centres on the fraught romance between single, straight, Prudence and bisexual Bruce -whose male lover Bob is miffed by the affair

Further complicating this unlikely ménage-a-trois is the erratic counselling of two unhinged psychotherapists, the scatty Dr Charlotte Walsh and the libidinous, misogynistic, Dr Stuart.

Bruce and Prudence first meet through a personals ad, but their date is not a success. Bruce expresses emotions and likes to cry. Prudence does not think men should shed tears “unless something falls on them”. Prudence feels dubious about Bruce’s bisexuality. The couple talk at cross purposes and end up throwing water in each other’s faces.

We then see them talk about their meeting with their respective psychiatrists. Prudence’s shrink, Dr Stuart, is a mass of seething resentments who keeps bragging about his sexual prowess. Bruce’s psychiatrist is the warm, encouraging, Dr Charlotte who brims over with touchy-feely mumbo-jumbo and communicates with her patients via a Snoopy doll.

Somehow Bruce and Prudence meet a second time, surprisingly overcome their initial loathing, and start to maybe like one another. But then Prudence has to meet Bruce’s boyfriend Bob; and listen to Bob’s crazy mother on the phone.

The Orion’s Belt production is directed by Paula Dempsey. The cast are Niamh Linnane (Prudence ), Tom Dunworth (Bruce ), Laney Farrelly Hanlon (Dr Walsh ) and Sean Lowan (Bob ).

Beyond Therapy is at the Town Hall Studio on Wednesday January 15 and Thursday 16 at 8.30pm. Tickets are from the Town Hall on 091 - 569777 and It will also be on in Johnston’s Hall, Kinvara on Friday 17 at 8pm.



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