The Retirement Planning Council urges employers to help staff prepare for retirement

The Retirement Planning Council of Ireland is calling on employers to give the gift of a retirement planning course to their employees this Christmas. A recent campaign by the Retirement Planning Council emphasises how retirement can be the most daunting time of a career and preparation is crucial in order to maximise the time ahead.

Over 3000 people have already benefitted from a retirement planning course with the Retirement Planning Council this year and as we approach Christmas, the time of year when thoughts turn to giving, a retirement planning course with the Retirement Planning Council is the greatest gift employers can give to their staff. It equips people with the tools they need to adequately prepare themselves for the retirement ahead.

According to Elizabeth Carvill, Head of Marketing and Development at the Retirement Planning Council; “Nowadays, for many people, retirement can be longer than the time spent in a career. The Retirement Planning Council offers lifetime support and will be there throughout the person’s retirement to give advice or guidance should the person need it. Christmas can be a time of the year when people start reflecting on their personal circumstances. Those approaching retirement can have worries or concerns and a Retirement Planning Course offers the gift of preparation and reassurance.”

The Retirement Planning Council has seen an increase of 17 per cent in the number of course attendees this year, in particular at their Open Courses – group courses which are held in various locations around the country; “We are very pleased to have seen an increase in the number of people attending our courses because it means that even more employers are starting to realise how important it is to help their staff prepare for retirement,” added Elizabeth Carvill.


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