Father and daughter team to revolutionise the job-seeking market with CareerBud

Liam and Orla Delaney have just launched CareerBud.com, a business designed to assist job seekers with the difficult task of finding employment in today’s world. CareerBud is unique in that it is designed to keep the jobseeker at the heart of the process.

Based in the Innovation Centre in GMIT and supported by Enterprise Ireland through the New Frontiers programme, CareerBud takes advantage of the excellent resources available to give its clients a quality service and comprehensive support.

CareerBud’s solution is innovative and ground breaking in that it emphasises the use of networking and social media, rather than relying solely on the more traditional methods of recruitment agencies and print media.

The staff at CareerBud are fully qualified with valuable experience in the job-seeking market. The company was founded by father and daughter team Liam and Orla Delaney. Liam Delaney previously has five years’ experience running his own recruitment agency and has extensive and detailed knowledge of the recruitment business. Orla is a graduate from NUIG specialising in human resources and has entrepreneurial experience having worked with startups previously.

Jobseekers need to recognise and accept that job hunting has changed dramatically in recent times. Research has identified that in excess of 70 per cent of positions are never advertised and are filled through various methods of networking. CareerBud educates clients on how to tap into this rich source of job prospects, and more importantly, how to approach them in a professional and effective way.

CareerBud will help its clients to research, plan, execute, and track their job-hunting activites from beginning to end. The people at CareerBud believe in the simple philosophy that in providing job hunters with the correct knowledge, motivation, and support, they will succeed.

CareerBud lives by the motto; ‘If you do not have a job then your job is to find yourself a job.’ This means treating your job search as a full time position, putting the time, effort, and energy into it as if it were a full time position, and Careerbud shows clients how to do this effectively.

This is achieved through a proprietary Cloud-based application called TrackerBud, combined with one to one consultancy. TrackerBud is a tracking software which manages the multiple tasks associated with efficient job hunting, helping you find suitable positions through effective networking. The software tracks all your live job prospects while guiding you through the process and thereby doubling your productivity and potential success in the jobs market.

CareerBud’s methodology is a self-directed process, and while it can inform and direct on what to do and how to do it, most importantly job hunting requires effort and commitment on the part of the individual to achieve a successful outcome.

For more information on CareerBud call (091 ) 762742, email [email protected], or visit www.careerbud.com


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