City of Menlo Park mayor to visit Galway

The mayor of the city of Menlo Park in California will visit Galway this weekend, a special visit that has been planned since the signing of a Friendship Agreement.

Galway City Mayor Pádraig Conneely has confirmed that Mayor Peter Ohtaki will visit the village of Menlo to see where more than 150 years ago two men, Denis J Oliver and Daniel C McGlynn, left Galway and settled in California where they laid the foundation for what is now the city of Menlo Park.

The visit was organised after Mayor Conneely signed a Friendship Agreement between the two cities last October. It is hoped that this Friendship Agreement will be further strengthened and allow the development of historical, heritage, educational, and economic links between the two cities.

During the visit Mayor Ohtaki will also meet the president of NUI Galway Dr Jim Browne, to discuss the University of Stanford’s connection with NUI Galway, and will visit business links between the two cities. Mayor Conneely will host a civic reception in City Hall for Mayor Ohtaki tomorrow evening.


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