Hogan approves Galway County Council’s €7 million water works

Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Phil Hogan has this week approved Galway County Council’s design proposals to carry out extensive water mains rehabilitation works in the areas of Spiddal, Galway city west, mid-Galway and Ahascragh at an estimated cost of more than €7 million.

The council intends to carry out work to replace 28.98 kms of water mains at an estimated cost of €7.02 million. The council’s priorities for water mains replacement in the areas outlined are to enhance the water quality, prevent mains failure, identify service pipe defects, improve pressure and flow, reduce interruptions to supply and address leakage and operational serviceability.

“Galway County Council’s mains replacement proposals reflect the importance of water conservation as a key objective under my Department’s Water Services Investment Programme 2010 – 2013 to reduce water loss in the public supply networks,” Minister Hogan said.

Minister Hogan added: “It is difficult to justify major capital expenditure on new water supply infrastructure unless we also tackle high unaccounted for water levels in the existing supply systems. That is why the funding for water conservation has been substantially increased under the 2010 – 2013 Programme.”

The minister’s approval now allows Galway County Council to advance these contracts through detailed design/contract documents and tender process and evaluation stages.


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