Challenge yourself this winter with educogym

“Everyone has the perfect shape; they just need to know how to access it.” Tara McFadden of educogym explains how she can help change your life this winter.

Using new innovative training techniques, educogym is breaking away from the same approach used by its fitness club counterparts, developing its structure from a study proving, that short amounts of weight resistance training, and a low-sugar diet, not only burned fat, but increased muscle mass.

She explains “As we age a loss of muscle tissue occurs throughout our body, including in our vital organs, which can lower our metabolism by up to 45 per cent between the age of 30 and 60. The key factor, that most people don’t understand, is that 90 per cent of the calories we burn on a daily basis are burned by our muscle tissue. This muscle loss therefore causes a slow-down in our metabolism, the rate at which we burn food and body fat for energy. If our food intake remains the same every year and our metabolism slows down, we tend to gain weight.”

Adding to this, the aerobic exercise programmes and low-calorie diets undertaken by most people who wish to lose weight are proven to reduce more muscle tissue than actual fat, which is why educogym focuses on weight resistance training.

“If people start now, they can get into great shape before Christmas and lose up to a stone on the 20 sessions blitz promo. This is effectively a few dress sizes. It’s a bit like an insurance policy for Christmas - their metabolism is up, so they tend not to put on weight over this period of typical indulgence” explains Tara.

Mental focus is another key element with educogym. The team believe a very specific goal makes a person train with greater intensity. Ms McFadden comments “We get people to focus purely on their training. In most gyms people are watching TV or listening to music. We avoid all that and make it as efficient and as intense as possible.

“The word educo means to draw out from within,” concludes Ms McFadden, “and we try to draw out a person’s ideal shape and figure. Everyone has the perfect shape; they just need to know how to access it. We give them everything they need to know in order to do that.”

For more information on how to kick start your educogym fitness programme, please contact educogym on 0876785028 or email [email protected] .



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