Road safety measures to be implemented in Renmore — Crowe

The chairman of Galway City Council’s Transport and Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Michael Crowe, announced this week that a number of areas in Renmore will have traffic calming measures installed in the coming weeks.

“I met with the director of transport some time back and discussed in detail with him the requirement for traffic calming measures in parts of Renmore, and indeed the continuous speeding of vehicles across the entire area,” Cllr Crowe said. “I requested that officials examine a number of neighbourhoods and last month I received a report which was brought to the council meeting. Three areas within Renmore were identified. They are Lurgan Park, Ballyloughane Road, and Lakeshore Drive.

“In two of these areas there are large volumes of cars been driven by young people. There are a lot of students in and around Lurgan Park and likewise there are a lot of young people travelling to and from Ballyloughane on a daily basis. In my opinion both of these areas have too many persons speeding and it is important that we do all we can to address this problem. As well as installing the aforementioned measures, I would appeal to all drivers to be careful and slow down while driving through Renmore. I have also requested the Gardaí to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis.

“It is important that residents feel as safe in and around their homes as much as possible. We have put a lot of time and effort into trying to slow vehicles down while travelling within residential areas. This is a further step in that direction. Speed is a significant contributor to accidents on our roads and there is evidence to suggest that on occasion it requires traffic calming measures to slow vehicles down. I see the installation of these as yet another positive contribution to the Renmore area and they should enhance daily life.”

Councillor Crowe also stated that he and council officials would continue to monitor the entire Renmore area and he said further measures would be implemented if required.


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