Get bilingual and get more notice for your local business

Tesco Galway has recently revamped its signage and maintained the strong bilingual image in both stores in the Galway Shopping Centre on the Headford Road.

Speaking on behalf of Tesco, Michael Sullivan of Tesco Corporate Affairs said that they are delighted to play a part in supporting the Irish language, particularly in Galway.

“As a company, we made a decision to introduce dual-language aisle signage and this is being rolled out to all stores as they are being refitted, to-date we have around 24 stores with the dual-language aisle signage with more to come”.

Another international name FUJIFILM has recently moved to a new premises in the Corbett Shopping Centre and has introduced bilingual signage in their new store. Speaking about the move and on the use of the Irish language, Niall Considine said “To us in FUJIFILM – community and family is at the core of our business.

“The printing of photos of family and parish events is what drives us to help you ‘relive those special occasions’. And what can be more local in Galway than the Irish language and the Claddagh. Hence, when moving, we brought along the photo of our favourite Hooker and incorporated our native language into all our new signage”.

The Connacht Hotel on the Dublin Road has also developed new bilingual signage, stationery, and menus in the hotel. general manager of the hotel, Shay Livingstone said that The Connacht hotel was delighted to implement the Irish language as part of the hotel’s recent rebranding strategy.

”The importance of the Irish language in Galway, as a city located in the largest Gaeltacht area in the country, we feel that it is our duty to promote the bilingual atmosphere of the city and encourage people to visit the area. With the help of Gaillimh le Gaeilge we have been able to educate ourselves and others with regard to the fun of using the Irish language in everyday business.

“In particular our “Pioc Suas Me” brochures have been very popular with the younger visitors to the hotel, as the family market is such an integral part of business for our hotel it is a great opportunity for us to be able to help educate in an enjoyable way. We will continue in our campaign to help promote the Irish language through the vital help and support that Gaillimh le Gaeilge provides us with”.

Also joining the campaign is taxi driver and owner of ‘Local Taxis Galway’, Antonio Lusevi. Antonio said that he decided to use taxi signs in the Irish language for many reasons, including “promotion of the language, encouraging young and old people to be involved in speaking the language and promoting the language to tourists coming from all different parts of the world”.

Speaking on behalf of Gaillimh le Gaeilge, the organisation that promotes the Irish language in Galway city, Bríd Ní Chonghóile said: “It’s great to see international brands such as Tesco and FUJIFILM as well as local businesses such as The Connacht Hotel and Local Taxis Galway ‘buying in’ to Galway’s vision of a bilingual city.”

“Galway city holds a unique Irish-speaking customer base, many of whom will choose a company that uses Irish over one that does not. A study on ‘The economic benefits associated with the Irish language which accrue to Galway City and to the Galway Gaeltacht’ found that Gaeltacht households, including those in the city, spend almost a total spend some €700 million on the purchases of goods and services in Galway City annually. It is therefore important that Galway businesses continue to use the Irish language at every given opportunity to secure and maintain this investment for the city she concluded.”

By using Irish you can also gain invaluable publicity and profile for your business through Galway’s bilingual business award: Gradam Sheosaimh Uí Ógartaigh. The Gradam is organised in association with the Galway Advertiser, and a fantastic opportunity for any business to showcase all itsbilingual work and further enhance Galway’s reputation as a bilingual city. Gradam 2014 will be launched in mid-January of next year. If you are interested in using the Irish language or participating in the Gradam Sheosaimh Uí Ógartaigh 2014 contact them at 091 568876 or [email protected]

Maoiníonn an Crannchur Náisiúnta Gaillimh le Gaeilge tríd an Roinn Ealaíon Oidhreachta agsu Gaeltachta, chomh maith le Comhairle Cathrach na Gaillimhe agus Cumann Tráchtála na Gaillimhe trí shíntiúis bhliantúla a íoc le “Scéim Chairde Ghaillimh le Gaeilge.


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