Comedy festival stand-up showdown

A COMEDIAN stands on stage, alone with a microphone. There are a hundred or so strangers in the room and the comic has two minutes to make them laugh. Can s/he do it?

This is the Bulmers Galway Comedy Festival presents Stand Up Showdown at the Róisín Dubh on Saturday September 28 at 8pm, hosted by New Zealand born, Galway based, comedian Danny Dowling.

Sixteen of Ireland’s bravest emerging comedians - Alison Spittle, Donal Vaughan, Ryan Cullen, Danny O'Hanlon, Colm Tyrell, Tom O’Mahoney, Andrea Farrell, Trev Browne, Ronan Grace, Kenny Gaughan, Kat Horan, Alan Hurley, Rua Ward, Shane Todd, Lorcan McGraine, and Jim Elliott - will go head to head, in a comedic war of wits until there is only one left standing.

Each comedian will have two minutes to impress the audience, then half are eliminated by audience vote. Eight survivors then have three minutes each before being reduced to four, etc. The winner will be given a guest spot on a show at this year’s Bulmers Galway Comedy Festival.

Tickets are available at, from the Ticket Desk at OMG, Shop Street (formerly Zhivago ), and The Róisín Dubh.


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