Public lecture on the history of the cosmos

As the Voyager space probe recently left the solar particle field for regions where the sun’s influence does not penetrate, it is timely to look at the history of human attempts to understand the cosmos.

On The Shoulders of Giants - A History of Man’s Quest to Understand the Cosmos is the title of a public talk by Brian MacGabhann which will be given at Renmore Barracks on Thursday October 10 at 8pm.

Humans have always looked to the skies and wondered what lay beyond, and of what was visible, they pondered of its forms, composition, and movements.

The lecture will trace that story from the early attempts at astronomy by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, through to the pioneering work of Islamic scholars and scientists, through to the ground breaking work of Copernicus and Galileo, up until the post-war space race, and modern discoveries.

This is the first talk of the Renmore History Society’s new season. For more information on how to join the society and admission to the talk, email [email protected]


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