Norwegian punk for Róisín Dubh

“HONNINGBARNA ARE so good they could have been genetically modified to be the voice of a modern punk generation,” according to The Fly.

Honningbarna, the explosive Norwegian punk band which boast a lead singer playing a cello, play Strange Brew at the Róisín Dubh tonight at 9pm.

The Quietus said: “Frontman Edward Valberg is a convulsive mixture of Paul Weller and Ian Curtis. Even from behind his band’s gimmick, a cello, he screams with a righteous, bug-eyed fury.”

Honningbarna are also a politically motivated band. They refuse to sing in English and gained notoriety by persuading a politically and religiously conservative audience to sing along to their song ‘Fri Palestina’ (Free Palestine ).

The band released their new album Verden En Enkel earlier this year and have won a Spellemann Award, the Norwegian equivalent of a Grammy.

Admission is free.


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