Go Overland and beyond

WAYS OF seeing, memory, image, and interactions between the seer and the seen is examined in two exhibitions at the 126 Gallery, Flood Street.

The exhibitions are Overland by Galway artist Tim Acheson and The Ongoing by Hong Kong’s Winnie Pun.

Acheson’s object making, video, and field recordings deal with the duality of perspective. Although we observe a landscape, we are also in a landscape of memory and outside references. The work looks at the simultaneous nature of seeing and memory, perspective, and location.

Pun’s work encourages active looking. Her intention is not to create photographic paintings or photographic images that resemble paintings. The subject matter is non-narrative, but seeks to slow down viewer’s perception, allowing the mechanism of seeing and the nature of representation to be confronted.

Overland/The Ongoing runs until September 28. All are welcome. See www.126.ie or www.126gallery.blogspot.ie


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