Save euros and lose pounds during European Mobility Week

Cycling improves health and fitness and can save commuters hundreds of euro per annum.

Cycling improves health and fitness and can save commuters hundreds of euro per annum.

Workers, students and parents dropping children to school can save money and get fitter by cycling, walking, carpooling or taking the bus, instead of travelling by car, particularly if they live 4km or under from their work, college or school.

An additional benefit is the time savings with quicker journey times now possible in Galway city by bus, bike or on foot relative to car for shorter journeys. This is a key message of European Mobility Week which runs from September 16 to 22 and in preparation Galway Transportation Unit is inviting everyone who can to make a switch to sustainable travel and calculate the benefits for themselves.

Saving Money: How?

Switching to sustainable travel in Galway can save you money in a variety of different ways such as for example:

— Commuters in Galway city can save more than €350 a year on the cost of an annual bus ticket from either Bus Éireann or City Direct by participating in the Taxsaver scheme. Monthly tickets are also available. Further details available at: — Workers can save up to 52 per cent on the cost of a new bicycle and related accessories such as raingear, helmet, locks and lights etc. by participating in the Bike Purchase Scheme. Simply choose your bike and gear up to a value of €1,000 and arrange the purchase with your employer in the form of deductions from your salary over a fixed period of time.

— Save on gym fees by getting your physical exercise en route to work or education.

— Avoid parking charges when dropping or picking up your child from school by participating in the new Galway City Park and Stride Scheme ( ) involving 16 carparks and 11 schools. Once parents display the relevant sticker on the front windshield of their car, they can park free of charge for 1 hour during morning and afternoon drop off and pick up times in designated carparks.

— See the time savings available by switching to travel by bike, bus or on foot.

“European Mobility Week, which takes place next week provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to look at the financial, health and time benefits arising from a switch to travel by bike, bus or on foot even one day a week. This week also serves to reinforce the message that each person in the City can play a part in helping to reduce traffic congestion by switching where possible to more sustainable methods of travel, which is a central focus of the work of Galway Transportation Unit” said Joe Tansey, Head of Galway Transportation Unit.


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