Killary adventurers return from Arctic Circle

Kayaking around iceburgs in the Arctic Circle.

Kayaking around iceburgs in the Arctic Circle.

Arctic adventurers returned to Galway this week after a 10-week voyage to the Arctic Circle and the west coast of Greenland

Organised by Killary Adventure Company, and led by its managing director Jamie Young, the The Irish 'North of Disko' expedition captured stunning images of ice and film footage, which are currently being collated for exhibition and a feature length documentary.

The crew sailed from Galway on June 14 on the 49ft, ex-Admirals Cup yacht ‘Killary Flyer’ and, after battling some wild weather on their Atlantic crossing, explored Greenland’s coastline, ice fjords and glaciers some 2000nm to Upernavik, well inside the Arctic Circle. While a team of four kayakers set out on a 300km unsupported sea kayak south, three climbers tackled a series of ascents as they followed the kayakers south.

Adding a further dimension to the expedition, photographer Daragh Muldowney has captured some spectacular images of the disappearing ice and will be hosting an exhibition in the coming months.

The Arctic expeditition was the latest one undertaken by Jamie Young, having undertaken whose an Irish Cape Horn Sea Kayak in 1989, the Guinea Bissau Sea Kayak Expedition in 1992, and the South Aris expedition, which attempted to re-enact Shackleton's epic boat trip from Elephant Island to South Georgia, in 1997.

Images and blogs from their voyage can be viewed at and on the Killary Adventure Expeditions facebook page, while photographer Daragh Muldowney will be hosting an exhibition in the coming months. Updates can be found at


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