Pearl Jam tribute for Monroe’s Live

On Friday, the top all-Irish tribute to possibly the greatest grunge band of all time, Pearl Jam, comes to Monroe’s Live in Galway.

Comprising a group of avid Pearl Jam fans, who also happen to be some of Ireland’s top touring musicians, Pearl Jem know the great Seattle band’s set inside out, from the acclaimed album Ten with hits like ‘Even Flow’ and ‘Alive’ up to more recent songs.

So authentic are Pearl Jem’s renditions of Vedder and company, they have been invited to Seattle this October to play at the El Corazon venue, which in its previous guise as the Off Ramp Café, was where Pearl Jam played their first show in 1990.

To get transported back to the era of plaid shirts, ripped jeans, and grunge hits, head on down to Galway’s award-winning venue, Monroe’s Live, tomorrow at 11pm. Admission is €10.

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