Baile an Salsa @ Monroe’s Live

Baile an Salsa was born when Uruguayan salsa singer and jet-setting vocal coach Andres Martorell was taking a much-needed breather from one of his packed-out salsa shows in a quiet trad pub next door.

As he sat listening to the jigs and reels before returning to his salsa audience, his mind began to weave these two rhythmic styles together.

The membership of Baile an Salsa is as diverse as you would expect from this unorthodox juxtaposition of two genres, with members from Cuba, Mexico, Italy, the UK, Uruguay, the United States, and Ireland making up the group, which performs songs in three languages.

While salsa and Irish dancing may not seem like a perfect pairing, these two seemingly disparate styles of music have been expertly blended together by this nine-piece group and the band’s debut EP has received airplay in Singapore, Columbia, Switzerland, and even as far afield as China.

Thankfully, Galway audiences do not need to travel that far as Baile an Salsa play Monroe’s Live, Dominick St on Saturday, August 24 at 10pm. Doors open at 9.30pm and admission is €10.

Tickets are available on the door or through and 091 - 583397.


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