The Sumbrellas @ Monroe’s Live

The Sumbrellas will air tracks from their latest album, Fast Country Music Disco at Monroe’s Live this evening, August 22.

Their sound runs the gamut from rockabilly grooves to softer acoustic tracks, but whether soft or loud, this pan-European quartet plays with an unparalleled energy.

The Sumbrellas were founded by the American singer/songwriter Chris White and Italian fiddle player Fede Betti in Galway just over three years ago. It turned out to be a fortuitous mix, with Fede's classical influence adding colour and flair to Chris's rootsy style.

The addition of two Irish musicians, Finbar and Flossie, in mid-2011 added an old time country influence, a swinging groove, and the tremendous energy that the band is now known for. It is this peculiar mix of nationalities, interests, and influences that have inspired an acoustic rock sound that is slightly outside the box.

Foregoing a drummer, the band's sound is driven by Kentucky's primal stomp and tambourine grooves, interlaced with Flossie's weaving basslines. On top of this continuously changing percussion, sits Finbar’s guitar and Fede’s fiddle, which ranges from sweet harmonious interplay to downright nasty sparring.

Take shelter from the storm with the Sumbrellas at Monroe’s Live tonight at 11pm. Doors open at 10pm and admission is €5.

Tickets are available on the door or through and 091 - 583397.


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