New exhibitions at Galway Arts Centre

TOMORROW AT 6pm sees the opening of two exhibitions in the Galway Arts Centre - Linda Shevlin’s Supernature and Vicky Smith’s Megga Bubble Space Burbs.

Supernature is inspired by Lyall Watson’s 1973 best-selling book Supernature: A Natural History of the Supernatural . Shevlin became interested in a series of 19th century botanical experiments Watson describes as being, “an exploration of the space between those things that we understand as normal occurrences and those that are completely paranormal and defy explanation.”

The exhibition will explore this concept through objects, representations of the experiments, and a film installation about a society that works with, rather than against nature.

Vicky Smith’s Megga Bubble Space Burbs is a physical bell jar city art installation, rooted in her interest in the ‘bubble enclosure’. These enclosures can be imaginary bubbles, real bubbles, or the places/shapes/forms people create during times of social/personal crisis that result in a lack of voice, protest, or disparity.

The two centre pieces are Squawk Box and Space Burbs, both mimetic, redundant, bell jar machines that engage audience in the analysis of the bell jar syndrome conceptually.


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