Little Sisters order empowers communities

A five-week course which will help parents deal with the difficulties of family life in a practical way will take place in the city in September.

Entitled “Sat Nav for the Family”, it will be facilitated by Grainne O’Connell of Galway Community Counselling and will begin on September 10 at the Galway Diocesan Pastoral Centre in Newtownsmyth. The cost is €35. (Contact Gráinne at (087 ) 1276791 or Nuala at (086 ) 3011717 for further information and bookings. )

The course is being run by the Pernet Family Group, an association of voluntary groups, set up by Sr Imelda O’Sullivan to further the mission of the Little Sisters of the Assumption to empower and support people in the community.

She says in these challenging times, with so many distractions and changes in values, parents are often left reeling and wondering how best to deal with situations and to continue to support their family in a positive way.

“In the end life teaches us what really is important and that proves to be the family.”

She outlines the course will help parents deal with the difficulties of family life by offering practical tips and coping mechanisms.

“It will help them to decide on their destination and set them in the right direction. It also offers an opportunity for parents to discuss the challenges they face in an open, supportive environment.”

Sr Imelda says Pernet is committed to fostering personal growth and development in the community.

It takes its name from Fr Etienne Pernet who together with Anotinette Fage established the order in Paris in 1865. The order was founded to offer care, help and support to the poor and those who needed encouragement. This work continues to this day. Over the years, this work has been adapted to suit the needs of the society it seeks to serve.

Over the years the Little Sisters of the Assumption, who are based at Sea Road since 1971, have set up and supported many projects in Galway city, including mothers’ and student groups. They have also helped young people, families, the aged as well as assisting with establishing training and work possibilities.

As part of her mission, Sister Imelda established Pernet to create an umbrella to facilitiate various groups and projects. There are several groupings in the organisation, including family, youth, education, spirituality, justice, enterprise, fundraising, hospitality, celebration and mission groups, where members can offer their skills. Anyone interested in joining any of the the groups should call Imelda at (086 ) 609 8887.


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