NUI Galway teachers win national awards

Dr Peter Cantillon

Dr Peter Cantillon

Two NUI Galway academics - Peter Cantillon and Ray Murphy - are to be honoured by the National Academy for the Integration of Research & Teaching and Learning.

Dr Peter Cantillon, Department of General Practice and Dr Ray Murphy, Irish Centre for Human Rights, were selected for two of the five national awards by the NAIRTL in its new programme honouring exemplary teachers who are also innovative researchers in higher education in Ireland.

Dr James Browne, president of NUIG, said: “It is very good news that two members of NUIG academic staff have been recognised by NAIRTL as exemplary teachers, and for NUIG to win two of the five awards is a huge achievement and a testament to the quality of the nominations put forward from this institution.”

Both Dr Cantillon and Dr Murphy were recipients of NUIG’s internal awards for teaching excellence in 2006-2007. The NAIRTL Awards are intended to recognise teaching accomplishments and to promote public recognition and celebration of the teaching profession.


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