Challenge yourself at The Coast Club

Do you use cardio for weight control? Are you one of the many people who run, cycle, and swim, or take classes to keep your weight under control? Did you find that at first your weight loss was quite noticeable but now it has hit a plateau? If the answer is yes to the above questions, it is time to think about ways of kicking your cardio up a notch or two to make it productive again.

Your body is an amazingly adaptive organism. If stress (and exercise is a form of stress ) does not kill you it will make you stronger and fitter. In addition, repeated bouts of the same stress (exercise class, running, etc ) result in your body becoming more economical. For weight loss, energy economy is the last thing you want.

The bottom line is, stop doing the same old same old exercise routine. If your workout is not working it is because you have reached an energy equilibrium and all you are doing is treading water. Make your workouts less energy efficient and you will soon see your weight loss start again.

The Coast Club’s experienced trainers will guide you in changing your workouts giving you the results you deserve.

Call now to organise a free VIP pass to see the club. There is ample free parking and its stunning coastal location is the perfect escape to fitness.

Contact 091 503904/592108

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