IT and tourism - main types of jobs advertised online in Galway

The main types of jobs advertised online in Galway in the past three months were in IT, tourism, production and manufacturing.

Beauty, leisure and sport were also strongly performing categories, according to the jobs index for that period.

It revealed that the number of jobs advertised online has increased by seven per cent in the second quarter of this year.

Sectors recording increases in jobs advertised online include tourism (up 15 per cent ) accountancy and finance (up 18 per cent ), manufacturing (increased by15 per cent; legal (up 44 per cent ), banking (recorded a 15 per cent rise ) while beauty and leisure was up by 28 per cent.

Dr Stephen Kinsella, a lecturer in economics at the University of Limerick and author of the report, says the news is “remarkably good” with the total number of jobs advertised up by seven per cent quarterly.

“Key sectors such as tourism, manufacturing, engineering, finance, legal and transport are recording increases. Although the outlook domestically is challenging, with personal consumption down three per cent and investment down eight per cent, employers in Ireland are looking to hire. Tourist numbers to Ireland, which grew substantially between March and May, in addition to improvements in the manufacturing sector, support the upward trend we are seeing in key sectors in the Jobs Index.”

Waterford recorded the largest percentage increase in jobs advertised while Galway and Cork performed strongly.

Compared with the Jobs Index in the second quarter of 2009, almost every sector has recorded an increase in jobs advertised with the exceptions of retailing (-17 per cent ), construction (-149 per cent ), security (-36 per cent ) and publishing (-14 per cent ).

“In studying the Irish economy, experience teaches us not to rely on single datapoints to consider the future - things are volatile, the outlook for the international economy is uncertain,” says Dr Kinsella.

The report provides a small piece of good news. We look forward to seeing whether this upward trend continues into the third quarter.”


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