Contemporary classical concert one of the highlights of upcoming Fringe Festival

Five international musicians will perform at Galway City Museum as part of the “A sense of place; a place of sense” contemporary classical music concert and exhibition taking place on Saturday July 20 from 4 pm.

The musicians – Adrian Mantu (cello ), Nicola Geddes (cello ), Joanne Cater (flute ), Betrand Huve (saxophone ) and Dermot Dunne (accordion ) – will play eight modern classical compositions from all around the world, including a piece by Arvo Pärt and the world premiere of a composition by John Maxwell Geddes.

One of the highlights of the Galway Fringe Festival, the concert is set around an exhibit of world ceramics and other exhibitions. The pieces will be performed in various parts of the museum with the audience mingling among the musicians and exhibits, and then repeated in a more formal setting in the foyer when the museum closes.

“This concert will provide a musical exploration of place and our senses of strangeness and belonging,” said organiser Paul Holme of SONIC.

“We are delighted to have composer John Maxwell Geddes attending for the world premiere of one of his compositions which relates closely to the theme of the concert,” he added.

SONIC is the brainchild of Paul Holme and James Reynolds who are using the Fringe Festival to launch plans to provide a regular platform for contemporary classical music in the West.

The exhibition of world ceramics is from the IACI’s O’Malley Collection on loan from the University of Limerick and runs until September.

The informal concert commences at 4pm with museum doors closing at 5.15 pm in advance of the formal concert which runs from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm. Admission is free and spaces are limited so early arrival is advisable.


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