Don’t weight Dads — Free eight-week course to help fathers and sons become healthy weights

Fathers and children are being invited to attend a free eight week course aimed at encouraging them to achieve a healthier weight and lifestyle.

Men together with their child, aged eight to 13 years, can sign up for the programme which will begin on Tuesday July 16 from 6pm to 7.30pm at Westside Community Centre. It will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays until mid September. An open information evening will be held on Tuesday next at 6pm at the same venue.

This father and child activity programme, called “Don’t Weight Dads’, is designed to support and instil confidence in parents and children to achieve a healthier weight and lifestyle. It is being run by the HSE West, dedicated health professionals and Titans Basketball Club.

A spokesperson for the HSE West says every overweight dad would wish to prevent his child from becoming an unhealthy weight with all the future health risks that brings.

“This programme can start to turn this hope into a reality. It will help prevent children who are now an unhealthy weight from putting on any more weight and will encourage dads to lose weight through better nutrition and a reduction in sedentary behaviour by increasing physical activity.”

The course will be supported by dietitians, nutritionists, GPs and other qualified professionals to provide supports, information and skills.

“It will adopt

an internationally recognised approach to help parents support their children to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD ) approach is child centred which covers not only the child’s physical development but also their emotional, mental, personal, nutritional and lifestyle development. One of the goals is to arm parents and child with simple and effective techniques taught by a team of dedicated professionals to achieve a healthier lifestyle and attain a healthy weight moving forward.”

The HSE says the programme will include physical activity as well as sessions with health professionals. “But most of all it will be a great opportunity for dads and their children to bond and have fun together while improving their health and wellbeing.”

A father who attended the course previously stated it really helped himself and his son to learn new skills, have fun and become closer. “Our whole family now reap the benefits,” he said.

If you are interested in making a change for a healthier future contact Paul Gillen at [email protected] or telephone (091 ) 737261 to find out more information. Places are limited so early booking is advised.


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