Threadneedle Road right hand turn to be eliminated to free up junction

Some right hand turns at Threadneedle Road junction, described as dangerous and causing major traffic congestion, could be eliminated altogether as part of on-going upgrade works, councillors were told at a recent meeting.

At the special meeting of the Galway City Council on Monday, Cllr Donal Lyons (Ind ) proposed a motion which was subsequently carried, calling for the director of services to provide a detailed report regarding the implications of the elimination of a right hand turn at Threadneedle Road junction prior to the council executive making any decision on the matter.

The transportation, infrastructure, recreation and amenity report outlined that design work for the upgrade of the junction is ongoing and that additional modelling has been undertaken to analyse the potential benefits of prohibiting some right-turning movements. There has been continuous consultation with An Garda Siochana regarding various options. Work on utility services identification and mapping provision is progressing and it is intended that work on the revised configuration will commence in late August.

“There was €160,000 allocated in the 2011 budget for the Threadneedle Road junction. I would have thought it would have been completed by now,” said Cllr Peter Keane (FF ) who then welcomed the news that the right hand turn will be prohibited as “it is hazardous” and causes traffic “sometimes going back all the way to The Ardilaun hotel”. Cllr Colette Connolly (Lab ) then pointed out that there were a number of right hand turns in areas such as the Town Hall and The Huntsman that should also be prohibited.

Cllr Lyons then asked director of services Ciaran Hayes if the works would be included in the Part VIII planning process, adding that he had “major concerns” about this substantial change in traffic. “We need clarity on this. There would be mayhem out there on Threadneedle Road,” he said.

Mr Hayes replied that the elimination of the right hand turn is being proposed to free up the junction as there is not enough space, due to land and houses on either side, to put in a right hand turn. He added that right hand turns at other areas would have to be dealt with on a case by case basis. Regarding the request for the works to be included in the Part VIII process Mr Hayes said that this was not required and that he would give a commitment that the public will be notified.


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