Work on Bodkin Roundabout to begin in next few weeks

Work on the Bodkin Roundabout at Galway Shopping Centre, a major part of the N6 Multi Model Corridor Improvement Scheme, is set to begin next month with a completion date of early November.

A report presented to councillors at a meeting on Monday outlined how the tender process for phase four of the N6 Multi Modal Corridor Improvement Scheme, consisting of the replacement of the Bodkin Roundabout (Galway Shopping Centre ), was issued in March and the contract is anticipated to be awarded in June. It added that this will ensure that the works are completed in advance of the busy Christmas shopping period.

Noting that the tender is to be completed in a “couple of days” Cllr Michael Crowe (FF ) said that these works are an integral part of the N6 improvement scheme which will have significant benefits for retailers and commuters. He then asked for a specific time scale and if we can “have persons on the ground in June”. Cllr Crowe also questioned if the National Roads Authority was still committed to the project.

“I voted for it and in 95 per cent of cases it has been brilliant,” said Cllr Declan McDonnell (Ind ), who added that there is still improvement needed on the traffic light system at the Tuam Road junction, as “there is not enough time given for people to get through”.

Responding to these questions director of services Ciaran Hayes confimed that workmen will be on the site of the Bodkin Roundabout at the end of June/start of July and that considerable work will be done on the access to the shopping centre and associated roads out of the site. He added: “It is hoped it will be completed by the start of November.”

Referring to Cllr McDonnell’s concerns, Mr Hayes acknowledged that there was a problem with the Tuam Road traffic light system but said there has been a major improvement on each junction along the N6 “some to a greater degree than others


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