Orla Walsh 2013 collection at Kilkenny

Celebrate Irish design this year with the Kilkenny Shop, marking the company’s 50th anniversary supporting Irish craft and design. If you fancy something a little quirky and retro when it comes to homeware, look no further than the fabulous creations by Irish designer Orla Walsh. Acclaimed for her 1960s Warhol-style pop art paintings and inspired by Irish, British, and American pop culture, Orla Walsh’s collection gives classic themes a contemporary twist.

Orla Walsh’s graphic paintings were first discovered on the railings of Merrion Square in Dublin, where she was selling her adventurous creations. Her use of bright and bold colours, stand-out text, and iconic products have allowed her to catch the attention of some very influential people over the years and grow her popularity. Since her chance encounter with a Heinz lawyer (which catapulted her career ), her work has depicted some of the world’s favourite brands such as Guinness, Jacobs, and Tayto, earning her the title of one of the leading artists in pop culture.

Visit your local Kilkenny store today or go online to www.kilkennyshop.com and find the perfect Orla Walsh addition to your home.



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