Make the most of your attic with Galway Carpenters

Galway Carpenters has been providing safe and easy access to attics for a number of years and now the company has combined an all inclusive package to kit out your entire attic at a very affordable price.

“We realise the times we are living in and have adapted our business likewise,” said Karl Moore, owner of Galway Carpenters. “We constantly try to come up with new ways to provide the best service at affordable prices. We want to give our customers value for money and quality assurance. To show we are serious about this we are currently promoting a special offer on our attic stairs and loft packages.”

Galway Carpenters’ stairs are made of the highest quality materials and come with a seven year guarantee, insulated door, fully draughtproof when closed, non-slip steps, safety handle, and architrave finish, and it is company policy that the installation staff will leave your house clean and tidy, and can come at a time that suits you.

Book yours today and make the most of your attic space.

Galway Carpenters also provides a full carpentry service. To find out more visit www.galway or call Galway Carpenters at 091 447307 or 086 3325654.



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