Pamper those peepers

If your eyes are looking less than sparkling as the party season beckons check out Eyesential, a unique, non surgical gel that promises to temporarily erase bags, puffiness, fine lines and dark circles, in minutes.

Designed for use on Hollywood actors (celebrity fans include Sarah Jessica Parker, Brad Pitt, Madonna and Rachel Hunter ) and first introduced to Ireland in 2005, the product has been re-formulated to give longer lasting and better results.

It contains a unique combination of sodium silicate, magnesium, iron oxides and water which works by forming a fine, invisible film and gently lifting the area (under a microscope this appears as a very fine web ).

Before applying, wipe the area with a water drenched cotton wool pad to ensure it is clean. Shake the product well and dispense a small amount onto the tip of a finger. Apply from the inside of the eye as far as the temple in one single stoke. A slight sensation of tightness may be felt but this should only last for two to three minutes. If necessary, a small amount of powder can be applied lightly over the top.

Eyesential is available from leading beauty salons nationwide. For local stockist information contact Glenpro Beauty Products Limited, Glenamaddy, at (094 ) 9638846.



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