Mayor demands action on Ballyloughane’s ‘obnoxious stench’

The “obnoxious stench” emanating from the large amounts of seaweed strewn around Ballyloughane Beach needs to be cleared away immediately.

This is the view of the Mayor of Galway Terry O’Flaherty who is calling on the Galway City Council to clear away the seaweed, most of which is gathered around the ramp area entrance for wheelchair users and parents with buggies.

“An obnoxious stench from the seaweed is very unpleasant,” she said, “and this always occurs when the weather is warm and sunny, particularly when the seaweed has not removed.”

The Mayor has also complained about the number of dogs fouling the area.

“This is nothing short of a disgrace,” she said. “I am appealing to dog and horse owners to clean up their mess instead of leaving it to others to do their dirty work for them.”


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