Slimming World saved my life

On February 8 2012 I joined Slimming World in the Pillo Hotel. My starting weight was 12 stone 11.5 pounds. When you join you receive a starter pack which includes a few books, recipes, plans and fitness books. I went home and read the books on my first night and started the plan straight away.

A week later on my first weigh-in I had lost 5lbs. I was delighted. After each weigh-in there is a meeting/class. I stayed for every class as I found these very interesting and got great motivation from listening to other people’s stories. I also got great tips from other members plus I made some great new friends.

By March I had lost my first stone. I was going to a wedding so I was delighted with my weight loss and I was so proud of myself. After the wedding I continued with the plan and said to myself, this diet really works, it was like a new lease of life.

In June of that year I found a lump in my neck which I would not have found without the weight loss. In November I was told I had thyroid cancer and I would have to undergo an operation to have the tumour removed in December before Christmas.

Throughout this ordeal I never gave up my Slimming World. I was back the week after my operation. I stayed with the plan and I still had weight loss.

I am now down 2 stone 10 pounds. I am so happy and I feel great. Slimming World is the best club I ever taken an interest in. I get great support from my Slimming World consultant Jackie from the day I started right up to now. She has always been there to guide and support me no matter what. I also got great support from my family and friends and the friends I’ve made at Slimming World.

Without Slimming World and my weight loss I might not have found the lump so I am so happy now. If I can advise anyone who joins Slimming World my advice would be to stay for the classes, meet new people, get great ideas and have a great time while losing weight. I would like to thank Slimming World and especially my consultant Jackie for her continued support.

Slimming World meets in the Pillo Hotel, Terryland, every Wednesday at 9.30am, 11.30am, 3.30pm, 5.30pm, and 7.30pm. For more information contact Jackie at 085 8520701.


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