A Fig For A Kiss in Town Hall

AFTER ENJOYING a successful run last September with the play The Three Deaths of Eddie, local company Wolf Meets World return to the Town Hall Studio with its latest offering, A Fig For A Kiss.

Written and directed by Adrian Lavelle, the play brings together Michael, a vengeful, enigmatic, gambler, and Jezabelle, an alluring hooker, and watches them embark on a drug-fuelled spiral that brings their dark pasts to light. This tale of drugs, sex, violence, and rock’n’roll also touches on religion, atheism, rock, and the arts.

The two roles in A Fig For A Kiss are taken by Graham Feeley (who wrote and directed The Three Deaths of Eddie ) and Eimear Kilmartin, and, ahead of the play’s opening Feeley took some time to talk about the show, beginning with an account of how it came to be staged by Wolf Meets World.

“Adrian wrote the play a couple of years ago, and he put it on in the Valley House in Achill in 2009, and it got very good reviews on that run,” he begins. “Then last year we worked together on The Three Deaths of Eddie - Adrian was in the cast - and he showed me the script of A Fig For A Kiss. I really liked it and asked could we do the play under the Wolf Meets World banner and give it a bit of a revamp, put more money into it with sets and lighting and so on, and that’s what we’ve done.”

The play features an eclectic soundtrack, ranging from Roy Orbison and The Platters to Men Without Hats and The Knack.

“The music sets out to capture different eras,” Feeley explains. “The play is kind of a love story but an unorthodox one and we wanted to convey that aspect of it with the soundtrack.”

Feeley offers his own take on the two characters the play portrays.

“Michael is a dark character; he has this evil simmering inside him waiting to come out,” he says, “but at the same time he doesn’t want to be evil, which is why he has this religious streak. He wants to be good but he can’t.

“Jezabelle is the opposite to Michael. She is carefree, but we find out she has her own demons as well. As the play goes on Michael drags out those demons from her. They both help each other in a way. The storytelling in the play is simple but it gets a lot across, like about things like religion and atheism.”

A Fig For A Kiss runs at the Town Hall Studio from Tuesday April 30 to Saturday May 4 at 8.30pm nightly. Tickets are €10 and available from the Town Hall on 091 - 569777 and www.tht.ie



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