Footfall expands operations in Oranmore

Footfall Ltd, a specialist entrance matting and carpet tile provider based in Oranmore, has been quietly and steadily expanding its operations since their move to a 4000sq ft unit in Westlink Commercial Park in April 2012. In less than a year, Footfall has added four new employees to its proactive team, with more positions opening up, giving a welcome boost to the Galway jobs market.

The new positions in sales, fitting and administration, have allowed Footfall to reach more customers across the country and further enhance their nationwide service and product offering. Footfall’s investment in expansion is meant to ensure their place as Ireland’s leading entrance matting provider, staying ahead of competition from Dublin and beyond, while growing the business from a micro-entity to a thriving SME.

Along with their expanding team, the innovative matting and carpet products in their extensive portfolio enable Footfall to service both the varied commercial and demanding domestic markets. Their aim is to ensure that all customers, no matter how great or small, benefit from high quality products and safer entrances.

Footfall is well aware of the challenges currently facing SMEs in Ireland, and they strive to overcome such difficulties by ensuring excellent customer service and professionalism, introducing cutting edge new products to the marketplace and increasing their exposure to decision makers in the industry.

Attention-grabbing installations for major retailers and public bodies have garnered Footfall much admiration, along with new clients, while also ensuring safer and more functional spaces up and down the country.


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