Toyota says new iQ is the smallest and safest

It is a common assumption that the smaller the car, the more vulnerable driver and passengers are in an accident, but the new Toyota iQ – the world’s smallest four-seat production model – is proof this need not be the case.

It provides an unprecedented level of active and passive safety protection for an A-segment model.

From its basic framework to a 360-degree array of airbags, iQ goes further than any car in its class to ensure the safety of everyone on board should an accident happen. More than that, there is a full package of advanced braking and handling systems that help the driver maintain control of the car in difficult conditions, features that until now have been reserved for much larger models from the B/C segments and above.

Toyota tells us that the iQ is designed to achieve highest levels of active and passive safety. For instance, ABS, EBD, brake assist, steering assist vehicle stability control, and traction control are standard on all models.

Robust multi-load path body structure channels is a mouthful but it is responsible for dispersing impact forces away from the passenger cell. In addition, 360-degree interior protection with nine airbags is standard, and this includes the world’s first rear window curtain shield airbag.

Finally Toyota says the iQ has also been designed to reduce risk of injury to pedestrians.


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