New Spanish class starting next week

Practical classes in beginning Spanish will start again next week at the Language Institute in the Granary Learning Centre. These 12-week courses are designed to give students the words and phrases they will need to visit Spain or Latin America with ease and confidence.

The classes are small, highly interactive, and fun. They are led by a native speaker whose sole purpose is to share her love of her native language with others who want to learn. The focus of the course is on practical communication where the students learn by using the language in the situations they would face as visitors to another country.

The practical language courses were introduced in the Language Institute approximately three years ago and have proven to be extremely popular. The classes combine videos, practical vocabulary, structured exercises, and scenarios that the students develop themselves. By the end of the course students can handle basic introductions and descriptions, asking directions, and dealing with situations in restaurants, train stations, hotel receptions, and a range of other situations. For those who want to continue with the language and progress to higher levels, the Language Institute offers continuation courses in Spanish at improver, intermediate, and advanced levels.

To find out more about the practical Spanish course starting next week contact the Granary Learning Centre on 091 566759, email [email protected], or visit



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