Fiducial announces bank negotiation service

With offices in 78 countries, Fiducial who have been in Galway since 1999 through the Liosban based Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, Patrick O’Hara and Co, have introduced a bank negotiation service.

The impact of the current recession and the new Personal Insolvency Act prompted Fiducial to establish a Bank Mediation wing to assist the many personal and business borrowers who need new arrangements and settlements with their banks.

“The very real problem here is that people and businesses are being weighed down by debt, we have been working towards a solution where that burden can be lifted. Today we offer the service that makes your debts affordable”, says partner Paddy O’Hara.

Debt has a major effect on people. The complexities of being in debt could frustrate anyone and some of the correspondence people receive is threatening and worrying.

“We have teamed up with Qualified Financial Advisors and Mediators who are experienced in banking procedures and knowledgeable on the options,” said Mr O’Hara.

Fiducial will arrange a review of the individuals’ circumstances and their finances. An accountant, financial advisor and a mediator examine each case and jointly design a solution which is recommended to the bank and is viable for the borrower.

The first consultation is free.

At Fiducial people get to explain their situation to a sympathetic adviser who designs a solution for them, they go away relieved to have the stressful calls removed and may for the first time, have a plan for the future and can see a way out.

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